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Purchase your Simulator Today!

Owning your own Indoor Golf Simulator is just a click away with Green Pro Golf Simulators!  We offer several options from purchasing portions of a simulator to complete Golf Simulator systems custom-built to fit your space perfectly!

Visit our showroom to get the full experience! We have multiple software options you can try out: Uneekor, E6, GS Pro, Pro Tee Play, TruGolf Multisport, Sim Hunt Shooting Simulators, and The Golf Club 2019.


Complete Golf Simulator systems starting around $20k.  


  • Launch Monitor 

  • Gaming Computer

  • Monitor & Projector 


  • Many options available​​

    • More than just golf courses to choose from​

Hitting Bay:

  • Hitting Screen

  • Hitting Mat & Putting Turf

  • Enclosure & Padded Panels 


  • Standard  26' Deep, 15' Wide, and 10' Tall

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