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Golf League

Play All Winter at the Monticello Country Club Golf League

Just because the leaves are off the trees around Monticello, MN, that is no reason to hang up the clubs for the year. Check out the new Winter Golf League at Green Pro Golf Simulators! Better yet, you can play your weekly nine any day of the week when it fits in with work, the kids' active schedule, and home life.

A New Course Every Week
Skip the boring repetition of playing the same holes week after week. Each week of league play uses a different course loaded into our simulators. Take a weekly mini-vacation to Torrey Pines, Royal Melbourne, or Bighorn Canyons. While you enjoy the scenery depicted on the huge high-def screen, you will be keeping your swing sharp.

Play on Your Own Schedule
League competition lasts 14 weeks. The first four weeks allow you to get comfortable with the simulator. Handicaps are assigned for Week 5 and scoring begins. If you will be away on the following week, let us know and play two rounds to maintain your score. Sink your balls during any normal hours of operation.

Teams of Two for Flexible Competition
There is no need to build a foursome for our Winter Golf League. Teams of two allow you and your partner to keep playing without putting too much stress on your personal schedules. Scoring uses a two-person nine-hole best ball format. Stay focused and win your way into the championship round to be played at the simulated Pebble Beach.
Sign up today for the Monticello Country Club Golf League and enjoy reduced hourly rates, join in on the optional weekly skins game, and win gift certificates! Best of all, when the course goes green in the Spring, your swing will still be in top shape.

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