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Indoor Golf

Improve Your Swing at Our Indoor Golf Center

How do you keep your golf game sharp when your local country club is buried in snow half the year? Come to the Green Pro Golf Simulators at the indoor golf center of Monticello, MN. It can rain and snow all it wants outdoors while you score a hole in one inside.

Pick the Terrain, Hole, and Weather Conditions
Take your indoor golf game to the next level. Our high-tech simulators are able to load the particular type of terrain you want to conquer, from deep sand traps to water hazards and blind fairways. Learn to hit into the wind or practice teeing off when the sun sets. After ice-out in the Spring, you will be hitting par and earning a lower handicap.

Work the Back Nine at Your Favorite Club
Have you always wanted to play a round in Hawaii or even Australia? Our indoor golf center is able to load one of nearly 100 golf courses for your game. Change it up on each visit or practice so you are ready to nail that distant country club during your next vacation. Select from the PGA tour, popular tourist destinations, and private links that restrict access in person.

Track Your Goals with a Personal Profile
Do you only have time for a few holes on your thirty-minute slot? The Green Pro Golf Simulator is able to store your profile and progress through a game. Come back next week to finish the last hole. We also offer league play where you complete this week's challenge whenever it fits into your personal schedule. See your personal stats that track putts, drives, mulligans, and course averages.
Don't wait. Pull on your favorite polo, don your shoes, and load the clubs into the back of your SUV. It is time for some indoor golf in our warm and cozy golf center today.

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