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Indoor Golf 

Perfect Your Putt at an Indoor Golf Course 

Are the greens at your local golf course flooded from summer storms, or perhaps you would rather be polishing your swing than ice fishing. Visit the indoor golf course at Monticello Country Club, Elk River Golf Club or Breezy Point and feed your inner golfing demon. Green Pro Golf Simulators are ready to play every day of the year--no matter what the weather is like outside.

Practice Even when It Is Snowing Outside
Did you want to shave another point off your score card, but it will be months before the warm sun returns? Hone your putts, chip shots, and long drives all winter long. Our indoor golf systems let you set the type of terrain, weather conditions, and light so when you return to your 9:00 AM tee-time, you will be going for a birdie on every hole.

Get Together with Friends for Fun
Reserve your time for a weekend afternoon and bring your buddies along for a fast nine. Enter your player profiles into the system and play head-to-head. Enter in your handicap and the computer keeps score for you. If league play is your thing, we also offer a Winter Golf Sim league to help stave of golf deprivation through the holidays.

Load Your Vacation Destination Club
Just because you are playing on a Golf Simulator, there is no need to feel like you will be playing the same course all season. Your golf simulator me is loaded with a huge selection of popular golf courses from across the globe. Dial up Pebble Beach, Greenbrier, or putt to your heart's content at Spyglass Hill. Return to the same course to score par or change it up on every visit.
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