Keep your swing sweet!  Join our winter golf league!


2020 Monticello Country Club

Winter Golf League

League Details
● Two-person teams
● 1st Session-November 8th to January 2nd(7 weeks, one week excluded for holiday)

● 2nd Session-January 3th to March 28th(12 weeks)
● 2 Championship Rounds for each session.


Play takes place on a new golf course each week.

Teams will play a nine-hole 2-person best ball format against the field.

Points will be awarded for first thru last place each week in each flight.
No points will be awarded to teams missing more than one week.
You may play any time you want within the week of play, or you can reserve the same time
each week. If you are expecting to be out of town, you may play ahead.


Course LIst


League Session 1
1. Torrey Pines-Front 9
2. Wade Hampton-Front 9
3. Banff Springs-Front 9
4. Bay Hill-Front 9
5. Cog Hill-Front 9
6. Spyglass Hill-Front 9 Championship Round 1
7. Spyglass Hill-Back 9 Championship Round 2


League Session 2
1. Bandon Dunes-Front 9
2. Bighorn Canyons-Front 9
3. Latrobe Country Club-Front 9
4. Royal Melbourne-Front 9
5. Harbour Town-Front 9
6. Mauna Kea-Front 9
7. Kapalua Plantation-Front 9
8. Lotsby-Front 9
9. Silver Lakes-Front 9
10. New South Wales-Front 9
11. Pebble Beach-Front 9 Championship Round 1
12. Pebble Beach-Back 9 Championship Round 2


Payouts to the top three finishers will be awarded at the end of each session in gift certificates
to the Monticello Country Club.


● League Entry Fee: First session is $25 per player or $50 per team, plus hourly simulator
rates. Second session is $35 per player or $70 per team, plus hourly simulator rates. If
you join both sessions it is $50.00 a person or $100 per team, plus simulator rates.
● Simulator rates per team each round: $30 (Should complete 9 holes in about an hour
for 2 players)
● Skins games: There will be a small pot each week for skins games, this will be voluntary
if you want to participate.


If you have a handicap from last year you will start the year with that same handicap.

New league members will establish a handicap after week 3.

A 20 Handicap will be the max.

The most strokes a team will have to give up is 12.


No Shows/Weeks Behind
You are only allowed to be one week behind.

After the second week you will be given zero points.

Subs are allowed and will get 90% of their handicap off of what they scored that event.

Registration Deadline
Teams must be registered by November 8th.

If you are a single player and don’t have a partner, we will take your name and do our best to accommodate you.

To register go to or email or visit the Monticello Country Club pro shop.


You are encouraged to come out in September & October and play the simulators to get
accustomed to how they work and play!


**If we happen to get shut down due to Covid or some other reason, whichever

teams are in 1st, 2nd & 3rd place on that date will be paid out.**





-Face coverings are required at all times while indoors unless eating or drinking
-Only 4 people allowed per bay (6 if members of the same household)
-Wash or sanitize hands often
-Stay home if you feel sick or have any COVID symptoms
-Practice social distancing

If you wish to form a private league of 12 to 16 players that can all play at the same time. Please contact  We can also help manage the league for you!