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Why Choose Green Pro?

Experience & Expertise

  •  25+ Years in the Golf Industry

  • 5+ Years in Golf Simulators

  • 25+ Years in IT/Computers

Cutting-Edge Technology

  • Trackman | Uneekor 

  • Foresight | ProTeeVX

  • BenQ | LG | Lenovo

Customer-Centric Focus

  • Unparalleled Customer Support

  • Expectations Manager on staff



  • Crisp - Clean Sim Builds

  • Ambient Lighting Solutions

  • Movie Theater Surround 

  • Shooting Simulator add-ons

Custom Built Golf Simulator Minnesot

Welcome to

Green Pro Golf Simulators!

Green Pro Golf Simulators provides customized golf simulators for any size space or budget.
We serve a wide range of venues including Residential Homes, Businesses, Golf Courses, Restaurants, Bars, Basements, Garages, Schools and 24/7 Commercial Facilities.


Craft Your Dream Golf Simulator with Green Pro Golf Simulators!

Green Pro's goal is to provide the best indoor golf solution for any size space or budget.  Custom fit to your needs and desires. We build every one of our simulators like it is going in our own home.  

Work with industry experts who have built hundreds of golf simulators nationwide. Custom build or cage frame, we understand your vision and can bring it to life.

Personalized Service

Get premium components and expert installation, ensuring unmatched performance and durability. We do not sell, use or install low end products.

Unmatched Quality

Green Pro will not mark up any product pricing from retail. In some cases, because of our partnerships, we can even offer discounts from vendors. We also offer free shipping on most products. 

Competitive Prices

Green Pro is partnered with all major golf simulator product vendors.  This gives us a direct line to industry representatives and vendors technical support when needed.  

Vendor Relationships


Why Golf Simulators are the

New Trend Now?

Simulators can provide valuable feedback on your swing, such as clubhead speed, ball launch angle, and spin rate. This information can help you identify areas for improvement and track your progress over time. 


Golf Simulator Custom Build
Golf Simulator Man Cave Minnesota

You can play golf anytime, day or night, regardless of the weather. No more waiting for tee times or traveling to the course. Experience 1000's of courses from all over the world. Join local or nationwide online tournaments from your own home, garage or mancave! 


Over time, a golf simulator can be a more cost-effective way to enjoy the game versus paying for green fees, cart fees and other course expenses. When you venture outdoors to play on a real golf course you will see how you will swing a lot better and lose less balls!


Sunset Lodge Golf Simulators
Breezy Point Golf Simulators

Your Golf Sim can double as a private movie theater. Your family can watch their favorite flicks on the big screen. You and your friends can watch MMA or The Super Bowl in life size. The add on shooting and hunting simulators are ridiculous amounts of fun.  Try various other sports with the E=sports add-on. Remember, a quality golf sim can be used for so much more than just golf. 




Our Partners

Minnesota Golf Labs Partnership
Lenovo Vendor Minnesota
Monitcello CC Partnership
Trackman Vendor Minnesota
BenQ Vendor Minnesota
Uneekor Vendor Minnesota
Elk River Golf Club Partnership
Breezy Point Resort Partnership
Foresight Vendor Minnesota
GSPro Vendor Minnesota
ProTee Vendor Minnesota
E6 Vendor Minnesota
Carl's Place vendor Minnesota
Fiberbuilt Vendor Minnesota
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