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  • Why should I choose Green Pro Golf Simulators?
    At Green Pro Golf Simulators, we offer comprehensive services to enhance your golf simulator experience. From designing your space to addressing your technology queries and needs, our expert team is here to assist you every step of the way. We also provide professional installation services for all your golf simulator components, ensuring a seamless setup process. Experience the difference with Green Pro Golf Simulators. As certified resellers for our vendor partners, we maintain direct relationships with each company's account representatives. This allows us to provide exceptional service and support to our customers, ensuring that their needs are met with the highest standards of expertise and professionalism. We offer free shipping. This will save you $50-$650 on each of the components you order. The items with the highest shipping charges are those that are shipped via a freight company, where freight charges are usually $350-$650. Currently, we are not obligated to collect sales tax in 41 states. This will save you a lot of money. The states that we are obligated to collect sales tax are CO, IA, IL, MI, MN, MO. OH, SD and WI.
  • What is a Golf Simulator?
    A golf simulator is a system that allows users to play virtual reality golf in an indoor setting. The setup usually consists of a tracking system that uses high-speed cameras or infrared sensors to analyze the golfer's swing and ball flight. This allows for accurate simulation of real-world golfing conditions. Users can choose from a variety of courses and settings, and the simulator will track their progress and scores. Some simulators also offer the ability to play against other users in online tournaments, adding a competitive element to the experience. At Green Pro Simulators, we offer state-of-the-art simulators with accurate tracking and a wide range of features to enhance the virtual golfing experience. Making a Golf Simulator a convenient and enjoyable option for golf lovers of all skill levels.
  • What technology does Green Pro Simulators use to track club and ball data in their golf simulators?
    Green Pro Simulators utilize a range of cutting-edge technology to track club and ball data in our golf simulators. Our advanced simulators are equipped with high-speed cameras and radar systems that precisely track both the club and the ball, providing comprehensive data on swing mechanics, ball flight, and impact metrics. Additionally, certain simulators incorporate additional cameras to capture a 3D representation of the entire swing, analyzed by Artificial Intelligence, offering a holistic view of the player's performance. Whether measuring the club, the ball, or both, Green Pro Simulators ensure that our technology delivers accurate and valuable data for golfers of all skill levels.
  • What is the price range for golf simulators at Green Pro Simulators?
    Golf simulators at Green Pro Simulators are available to fit every budget, with prices ranging from $5,000 to $50,000 and more. For a complete golf simulator package including a hitting mat, launch monitor, cage, golf screen, padding, projector, and computer, customers should expect to spend at least $10,000. You do get what you pay for in the Golf Sim industry. $10K can get you started with quality hardware but in the middle price range. A higher end build with a 4k projector, overhead launch monitor, modern Gaming PC, Premium hitting mat and screen the cost is usually $20-$30k. It's important to note that most golf simulators can also double as a home theater or shooting/hunting simulator as well, providing exceptional value for the investment.
  • What can I expect if I am interested in purchasing a Golf Simulator or Components from Green Pro:
    STEP ONE Schedule your free consultation Email or give our team a call at 651-505-5605. We will work with your schedule to set up a free consultation and to discuss your vision for your golf simulator build. STEP TWO Now that we know more about your space, we will either come to your space or have you take measurements and use them to develop plan. STEP THREE Hands-free build of your golf simulator room Once you have approved of the final design, we’ll get to work creating your home golf simulator setup. This includes ordering all of the components needed to create the perfect simulator for your space! We’ll work efficiently and around your schedule. STEP FOUR Complete walk-through and training Once our build is complete, we’ll give you a complete walkthrough of your new setup, explaining every component and all of the functionality. We’ll teach you how to run the simulator from your new PC and the ins and outs of the entire system. STEP FIVE We will provide you with customer service even after out simulator build is completed at your location! We have the ability to virtually assist you no matter where you are located!
  • What are the minimum space requirements for setting up a golf simulator from Green Pro Simulators?
    For a comfortable swing, you will need a bare minimum space of 10 ft wide, 16 ft deep, and 9 ft tall. At 10 ft wide, you will be hitting 3-4 ft from the right and 6-7 ft from the left, which will accommodate a right or left handed hitter, not both. To hit from the center, and allow for both right and left handed hitters at least 14 ft width is recommended. It's best to be 8-10 ft back from the screen while hitting. The minimum height required is 9 ft, while 10-11 ft in height is ideal. There are some exceptions to these numbers as some newer overhead Launch Monitors have larger hitting areas. The measurements provide above are and excellent starting point. These space requirements are crucial for setting up a golf simulator from Green Pro Simulators to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for our customers.
  • Where do you ship to?
    We can ship and sell any and all of our Golf Simulator products anywhere in the United States and Canada. Products are that not region locked we can ship to other countries. If we cannot ship you a product that is region locked we have referrals in UK and Australia we can pass along.
  • How quickly can I expect my order to be delivered.
    Each component is shipped to you from our vendor partner. The delivery time depends on where you live in correlation to where it is being shipped from. All the estimated time frames listed below are subject to change at different times of the year. It can also change if there are production changes with a vendor partner. A day or two after you’ve placed your order our Expectations Manager will send you an email with a list of the components you’ve ordered and approximately when you can expect them to be delivered. You will also be notified as to which items will need you to sign for the package when it is delivered. Launch monitors – Uneekor – Is shipped out within 2 business days. Usually ships via UPS. Foresight – At this time, they are shipped out within 5-7 business days. Trackman – 4 weeks ProTee VX – 4-6 weeks Ships via UPS, 2-day delivery from the Netherlands. Apogee – 3-4 weeks. Electronics – They usually get shipped out within 1-2 business days. Most ship via FedEx. Impact screen – Is usually shipped out within 3-5 business days. Ships via UPS. Enclosures – Carl’s Place – Ships out within 2 weeks via FedEx. Sig Pro – Ships out within 3-4 weeks via a freight company. Hitting mat – Fiberbuilt – Ships out within 3 business days. Ships via FedEx. Carl’s Place – Ships out within 5-7 business days. Ships via FedEx. Sigpro – Ships out within about 3 weeks via FedEx. Turf – Usually ships out within 5-7 business days via a freight company. Underlayment/Floor covering – Ships out within 1-2 business days. Wall panels – Non custom orders will ship out within 5-7 business days. They are shipped via a freight company. Custom orders will take up to 4 weeks. Heavy, black curtains – Usually ship within 5 business days. They are shipped via UPS
  • Does Green Pro do installations?
    Green Pro Golf Simulators does both Custom and Cage frame installations all over the country. Installation rates vary slightly with each job. Contact us for a quote on what it would cost to have your golf simulator fully installed by industry professionals. After installing over 100 sims in the past 5 years we have proven processes and methods to the provide the best golf simulator experience the first time. We build every golf sim like its going in our own personal space.
  • How can Green Pro Simulators' golf simulators generate profits for a business
    Green Pro Simulators' golf simulators are perfect for generating profits and revenue in the off-season. They can be installed at a golf course, pro shop, or free-standing location. Hourly rates for users typically range from $25-$50, allowing for substantial return on investment. In fact, the cost of the golf simulators can often be paid for in less than one season. Additionally, the simulators can double as a big screen for sports events, providing added entertainment value and potential for increased earnings. For even more excitement, businesses can also add on a hunting/shooting simulator to attract more users and revenue. Overall, Green Pro Simulators' golf simulators offer a lucrative opportunity for businesses to maximize profits and offer a unique experience to their customers.
  • How can using a golf simulator benefit my game and overall experience?
    Using a golf simulator can help you improve your golf game in numerous ways. With instant feedback and advanced swing analysis, you can quickly identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments. Additionally, you have the opportunity to play on courses from around the world without the need for travel, providing variety and new challenges to your game. The ability to play faster is another advantage, with individuals able to complete 18 holes in about an hour, saving valuable time. Finally, the comfort of playing indoors, regardless of weather conditions, allows for a consistent and enjoyable experience every time you use the simulator. Green Pro Simulators offers these benefits and more, giving you an immersive and effective way to enhance your golf game.
  • Can a golf simulator have functions beyond just simulating golf?
    Absolutely! The golf simulator setup from Green Pro Simulators can serve multiple purposes. With the projector and screen, you can transform your space into a home cinema, perfect for movie nights and sports entertainment beyond golfing. We can also incorporate a very realistic Shooting and Hunting option as well. It has the options to use dryfire recoil enabled training guns as well as add-on lasers and flash bolts for real-life weapons. Whether it's watching movies, hosting a gaming night, sports events or shooting competition our golf simulator setup offers versatility and entertainment for various activities in addition to golf simulation.
  • What are the key factors to consider when choosing a projector for a golf simulator?
    When selecting a projector for your golf simulator, there are several important factors to consider in order to ensure optimal performance. The key factors to keep in mind are throw distance, resolution, and lumens (brightness). Most projectors designed for golf simulators are short throw or ultra short throw and can be mounted within the 8-15 feet range from the screen. Some golf enclosures can also accommodate a ceiling mounted projector. In terms of resolution, it's recommended to choose a projector with at least high-definition (HD) resolution to ensure clear and detailed image quality. 4k is the highest quality option currently. Additionally, when it comes to lumens, it is advisable to select a projector with a brightness level of 3000-5000 depending on ambient lighting in the room. This will help ensure that the projected image is vibrant and easily visible, even in well-lit environments. By considering these factors and selecting a projector that meets these specifications, you can enhance the overall experience of your golf simulator setup and enjoy a more realistic and immersive virtual golfing experience. At Green Pro Simulators, we understand the importance of choosing the right equipment for your golf simulator, and we are committed to providing our customers with expert guidance and high-quality products to meet their specific needs. If you have any further questions or require assistance in selecting the ideal projector for your golf simulator, our team of professionals is here to help.
  • What computer specifications do I need for a high-quality golf simulator experience with Green Pro Simulators?
    To ensure a high-quality golf simulator experience with Green Pro Simulators, it's crucial to consider the computer specifications. The recommended computer specifications for a golf simulator setup include a powerful processor (such as an Intel Core i5 or i7), a dedicated graphics card (such as an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 4060 or higher for 4k), a minimum of 16GB of RAM (32GB or more for optimal performance), and sufficient storage space for golf simulation software and game files, 1 TB minimum, 2TB optical. Additionally, consider a high-resolution monitor or projector and a reliable internet connection for online play and updates. It's important to assess your budget and technical requirements to determine the ideal computer setup for your golf simulator, ensuring smooth gameplay and high-quality graphics. Green Pro Simulators offers guidance and expertise to help you make informed decisions about the computer specifications for your golf simulator setup.
  • What are some popular and affordable options for home golf simulators available on the market today?
    There are many affordable home golf simulator options available on the market, and the best one for you will depend on your specific needs and budget. Some popular options under $5000.00 include the Uneekor EyeXO Mini and Mini Lite ground level monitors, which offer accurate and reliable data for your golf simulation experience. If you're looking for overhead options over $5000.00, the ProTeeVX, Uneekor EyeXO, Foresight Falcon, and Trackman are popular choices that provide advanced features and precise measurements to enhance your golf simulation setup. At Green Pro Simulators, we offer a range of home golf simulator solutions to fit your budget and preferences, ensuring that you can enjoy a high-quality and immersive golf experience from the comfort of your own home. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned golfer, our simulators provide a realistic and engaging golf experience, helping you improve your skills and enjoy the game all year round.
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