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A Beginners Guide to Building the Perfect Indoor Golf Setup

Welcome to Golf Sim Basics. An introductory resource for the basic concepts you will need to know about when creating your own indoor golf experience. Whether you're setting up a simulator in your home, commercial space, or recreational facility, we've got you covered with expert advice and recommendations.
Let's dive into the essential components of a top-notch golf simulator setup:
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Cage Frame Golf Simulator

Custom or Cage Build?

Decide whether you prefer a custom-built simulator tailored to your space or a pre-made golf cage. Custom builds offer flexibility in design and size with a polished, professional look. While pre-made cages provide a convenient and cost-effective option for quick setup. 

Golf Simulator Launch Monitor

Launch Monitor

The launch monitor is the heart of your golf simulator, capturing essential data such as ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and club path. Choose a high-quality launch monitor that fits your budget and performance needs to accurately track your shots and improve your game.

Golf Simulator Projector


Choose a high-quality projector capable of displaying vibrant and crisp images on your impact screen. Consider factors such as brightness, resolution, and throw distance to ensure optimal performance in your indoor golf setup.

Golf Simulator Impact Screen

Impact Screen

An impact screen is essential for projecting the virtual golf course and protecting your walls from errant shots. Invest in a durable and high-resolution impact screen that provides a realistic viewing experience and withstands repeated hits.

Golf Simulator Hitting Mat

Turf and Hitting Mat

Selecting the right turf and hitting mat is crucial for replicating the feel of a real golf course and protecting your flooring. Opt for premium synthetic turf and a durable hitting mat that mimics the fairway and provides proper shock absorption for your joints.

Golf Simulator Gaming PC

Gaming PC

A powerful gaming PC is essential for running the simulator software and rendering realistic graphics. Invest in a system with sufficient processing power, RAM, and graphics capabilities to deliver smooth and immersive gameplay.

Golf Simulator Software

Simulator Software

Select feature-rich simulator software that offers a wide range of virtual golf courses, practice modes, and customization options. Look for software packages compatible with your launch monitor and projector to ensure seamless integration and performance.

Golf Simulator Impact Padding

Impact Padding

To minimize noise and vibrations from ball impacts, install impact padding behind your impact screen and around the simulator enclosure. Choose dense and shock-absorbent materials to enhance safety and create a quieter indoor golfing environment.

Hunting and Shooting Simulator


Enhance your indoor golf experience with optional add-ons such a shooting/hunting simulator and E-Sports add-ons. Add some surround sound for an excellent movie theater space as well.  Your golf simulator doesn't have to be just for Golf.  

Golf Simulator for Homes

Your Space

Before diving into the specifics of your indoor golf setup, consider the available space and layout of your designated area. Whether it's a spare room, basement, garage, or commercial space, optimizing the dimensions and layout will ensure a seamless and enjoyable golfing experience.

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