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Residential Golf Simulator


Enjoy the game of golf in the comfort of your own home with our Green Pro Golf Simulator. Our residential solution is perfect for homeowners looking to practice their swing or have a fun round with friends. With a dedication to quality and design, our simulators are created to fit seamlessly into your living space, providing you with a superior golfing experience like no other.

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Commercial Golf Simulator


Looking for a way to elevate your business offerings? Our Golf Simulators are the perfect solution for business owners in the entertainment, hospitality, or recreational industries. Our cutting-edge technology is guaranteed to attract customers and provide unforgettable entertainment experiences. Whether you're looking to add excitement to your bar or restaurant or provide engaging entertainment for event venues, our commercial solutions are the way to go.

Golf Simulators for Golf Courses

Golf Courses

Traditional golf courses can now benefit from our innovative solutions by offering indoor golfing experiences during off-peak seasons or when the weather is less than ideal. Our state-of-the-art simulators provide golfers with a realistic and enjoyable alternative to outdoor play that will keep them coming back for more. Come and experience the game in a whole new way with our Golf Simulators.

Golf Simulator for your Business


From corporate offices to recreational centers, businesses of all types can benefit from integrating our Golf Simulator technology into their spaces. Offering employees or clients the opportunity to unwind with a round of golf during breaks or meetings can promote relaxation, team building, and a healthy work-life balance. Our simulators can also be used as a unique marketing tool at trade shows, conferences, or corporate events, attracting attention and engaging attendees in a memorable way. Green Pro Golf Simulator provides customizable solutions to fit the needs and goals of any business, helping to create an enjoyable and productive environment for all.

Golf Simulators for Schools


Educational institutions can integrate our Golf Simulators into their curriculum to enhance physical education programs or offer students a recreational activity that promotes hand-eye coordination, strategy, and sportsmanship. Our simulators provide a safe and accessible way for students of all ages to learn and enjoy the game of golf.

Golf Simulators for Resorts


Luxury resorts and vacation destinations can enhance their guest experience by incorporating our Golf Simulator technology into their amenities. Whether guests are avid golfers or newcomers to the sport, our simulators offer an exciting and memorable recreational option that complements the resort's offerings and adds value to their stay.

Golf Simulators for Rentals

Airbnb/VRBO/Rental Property

Property owners renting out vacation homes or short-term rentals can attract golf enthusiasts by featuring our Green Pro Golf Simulator as a standout amenity. Providing guests with the opportunity to enjoy a round of golf without leaving the property enhances the overall vacation experience and sets the rental apart from competitors.

Golf Simulator Partnerships


Do you have a space or business that a Golf Simulator would do well in?  Green Pro is open to partnering with businesses or entrepreneurs who have the space for a Golf Simulator but might not have the funds to purchase a quality commercial sim.  Contact us to see if we can partner up with you on your Golf Simulator adventure. 


Golf simulators are made up of individual components that each play a vital role in how the game comes to life. When building a residential or commercial golf simulator, we create what’s referred to as a ‘golf bay’ – an area that houses the various components such as high impact screens, launch monitors, projectors, software, curtains, artificial turf and more. Here’s a rundown of what you’ll need to build the golf experience you’ve always dreamt about.

High Impact Screens

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Launch Monitors

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Golf Simulator Projectors

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Putting Turf

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